How to Handle Needle Recylcing

Back in New York when the AIDs epidemic first hit the government refused to allow charities and other non profits to create a systematic distribution of clean needles to the city’s addicts. It was seen as almost an unspoken thing that addicts should not be helped – and more importantly anything that could be seen as even remotely enabling or assisting the addict was seen as unfavourably.

In fact while non profits attempted to curb the spread of AIDs by giving clean needles to addicts it didn’t stop the reality – and the reality was that the police were breaking down the doors of these clean addict providers and arresting those responsible.

It was no surprise then that New York had a 70% AIDs infection rate amongst addicts and soon the situation was out of control. By the time New York had lifted the ban the damage was all ready done and AIDs continues to be a big issue in New York.

Needle recycling is very important – our sponsor which you can (find out more info) about may not have the same issues – if you are a patient there you will never have to experience a re-used needle – and many clinics have this situation handled. However for others – and especially those addicts that end up in crack houses this is not the case. You can rest assured that the needle exchange and clean needle program is simply not setup in the way that it should be.

In most times addicts always get left behind on the totem pole – and they are not given the respect that they deserve – it is quite unfortuante – and another effect of the drug war. However there are a couple of things to keep in mind on how to stop the spread of AIDs and the two major areas are:

  1. Give out clean needles
  2. Exchange dirty needles for clean needles

In any red light district that you will go to these days you will see the exchange of needls with clean needles being given out in exchange for dirty needles. Many times the clinics will want to encourage users to bring in their dirty needles – they still want to give out clean needles for free but sometimes meals and other essentials will be provided for dirty needles being exchanged for clean ones.


Why Team Building Is An Important Addition to Our Social Media Site

As you are probably aware we are a social media site for counselors and prevention commnity members. However we would like to add a new section to our site – and that section is the team building sydney newtown section of our site.

Team Building is a prevention activity too – because we have seen how much structures, or social structures to be more exact – can fall down due to a lack of cohesion within the team.

Sometimes teams are simply nefarious – and no amount of team building can fix a team that has decided to go up against each other – however in other cases this is not always true. If a team is simply not gelling the best – there may be a lack of communication – and while you can talk until you’re blue in the face about how there should be communication and accountability – a way to get everyone relaxed in a new environment and talking to each other is through team building games.

When talking about preventing mental issues – team building is something that is not discussed but I’d be willing to bet that of all the people that work in corporate environments that there would be much less anxiety and depression if work environments were more positive and happy.

There are many types of activities that can be done – and we will be going over the various activities that team building companies have on our website once we implement this feature – in fact you may even be able to search by the type of activity that you want. So if you are in a job and you are feeling very demotivated then a team building activity may be just the thing that you need to turn it all around. By going on to our website and showing your company this research information you’ll be able to foster change and show them how important it is to have a situation where a strong team exists with much cohesion and communication.

When teams don’t work it can lead to issues – and at first they may start simply as interpersonal issues but can lead to HR issues and even to downright fraud as employees that were rejected from a team take revenge on their companies – it can even have an impact on famillies – which is why we recommend Sarah Bevan Lawyer Group for issues that may arise originally in the workplace.

Who Are We Exactly – About My Prevention Community

MyPrevention is a free social network that connects prevention-focused professionals, consultants and adult students locally and throughout the country. MyPrevention members can interact with other participants, stay up-to-date with prevention news, find out about upcoming events, collaborate on group sites, submit resources, maintain a personal profile page, and much more, all within a private network.

MyPrevention is intended solely for users who share working knowledge of prevention-related issues and concepts and a passion for the field. MyPrevention prohibits online advertisements on its site.

MyPrevention is sponsored by EMT Associates, Inc., a consulting firm located in Folsom, California dedicated to the dedicated to the distribution of information and resources relating to prevention. As such, MyPrevention social network services are entirely free of charge to the public for the purpose of promoting discourse in the prevention field. We look forward to your participation!
Why Prevention Professionals Should Join:

  • My Prevention is the first nationwide network site which plans to connect all prevention professionals to foster collaboration, share and link members to other prevention resources, and support one another in the prevention field.
  • Members are able to post, comment on, and search for prevention-related publications.


Why Organizations & Agencies Should Join:

  • Blogs, Forums and Wikis features allow organizations to create collaborative group sites for their members to work on special projects or to plan around common interests.
  • Organizations have the opportunity to access to online event registrations, create project websites, post publications for distribution, deliver news announcements and post and find jobs at the Career Center

We are also expanding our network to include prominent lawyers such as the criminal law firm sydney at criminal lawyers – and all the work they are doing in the community. They have been very supportive of us – and have provided us with free counselling on various legal issues that we have run inot ourselves – their help is much appreciated and we highly recommend them.

Crisis Response

California Government Code and California Education Code require schools to have emergency and crisis response plans and to use the Incident Command System, a component of the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS). This workshop is designed to provide participants with the awareness, knowledge, and skills to assist school personnel in developing Crisis Response or disaster preparedness plans that meet the Federal and State requirements including SEMS. It will help schools connect with community agencies that most often respond in an emergency situation.

Participants will learn about:
Crisis Response Planning
Aftermath Issues
Incident Command System

Target Audience: For school staff, community partners & law enforcement

Cost: $40 per person (no refunds but substitution accepted)
Includes light breakfast, lunch & materials.


Method of Payment: Cash, check (made out to ACOE) or Credit Card via PAYPAL prompted at the end of the online registration
(PO’s accepted for groups of 5 or more ONLY)
Purchase Orders can be faxed to: Attn: Madelyn Blair, ACOE, 510-670-3199

The registration for this classes closes: 01/7/2011 – unless class is maxed.

For questions regarding registration/fee payment, contact registrar:
Madelyn Blair, or email – or- (510) 670-4199

For questions on content, contact the presenter:
Janine Saunders: (510) 670-4589 |

We will be hosting various events and promoting them on this website for our members – now that we have reserructed this domain – please check back to find out more events coming up in the addiction recovery and abuse recovery categories.

Also if you were a member of our previous site please get in contact with us so we can re-enter you in our database once we relaunch our site.

Thank you for visiting with us and we hope that you find all the tools that you loved about our previous domain popping up around here.

When it comes to crisis response – many times it can be due to an injury that happened at a business – we recommend you check out Walker Law Group sydney for help with specialist support in regards to compensation claims.