November 2018

Who Are We Exactly – About My Prevention Community

MyPrevention is a free social network that connects prevention-focused professionals, consultants and adult students locally and throughout the country. MyPrevention members can interact with other participants, stay up-to-date with prevention news, find out about upcoming events, collaborate on group sites, submit resources, maintain a personal profile page, and much more, all within a private network.

MyPrevention is intended solely for users who share working knowledge of prevention-related issues and concepts and a passion for the field. MyPrevention prohibits online advertisements on its site.

MyPrevention is sponsored by EMT Associates, Inc., a consulting firm located in Folsom, California dedicated to the dedicated to the distribution of information and resources relating to prevention. As such, MyPrevention social network services are entirely free of charge to the public for the purpose of promoting discourse in the prevention field. We look forward to your participation!
Why Prevention Professionals Should Join:

  • My Prevention is the first nationwide network site which plans to connect all prevention professionals to foster collaboration, share and link members to other prevention resources, and support one another in the prevention field.
  • Members are able to post, comment on, and search for prevention-related publications.


Why Organizations & Agencies Should Join:

  • Blogs, Forums and Wikis features allow organizations to create collaborative group sites for their members to work on special projects or to plan around common interests.
  • Organizations have the opportunity to access to online event registrations, create project websites, post publications for distribution, deliver news announcements and post and find jobs at the Career Center

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